The Online Program
Booked Out,
Valued & Paid
The Secret To Attracting The Right Type Of ClientsWanting to Buy Your Photos
[ even if you are surrounded by cheaper photographers ]
I made $1100 during my first year as a Pro Photographer and then after a lot of blood sweat & tears, I connected with my dream clients and average over $200,000 each year before my body packed it in, and my bones crumbled.

Sooooo... now I'm teaching you all of my modern-day marketing knowledge and money-making secrets.  Because the difference between a $22K year and a $200K is MASSIVE when it comes to lifestyle, time, freedom and choices. 
"I know money isn't what makes us happy, but have you ever seen anyone not smiling on a jet ski?" 
Imagine what it would be like to bring in a client who is worth 5 to 10 times more than your average customer.

Think about how much it would transform your business. Sure, there would be some growing pains. But what about all the positives you would gain by even attracting just 1 of those clients each week?

During my career, I have attracted more than my share of dream clients, who have been happy to pay my prices, and send their friends too.

You no longer need to settle for whatever kind of business comes along, like those price shoppers who want the world and everything on a USB for a measly amount.

Dream Clients can be strategically targeted and magnetically drawn to you, so instead of YOU always looking for clients, they come looking for YOU!  

Through his years of experience, I have developed proven formulas and effective methods for identifying perfect clients, attracting them and turning them into dream clients and raving fans. 
If you’re looking to “upgrade your clientele” and start attracting clients who are happy to pay more, then this course will cut to the chase and give you the answers you’re looking for.

I’m revealing the confidential “secret formula” we implement daily for Photographers finding their dream clients and getting those dream clients to value you and your work more.

This is the stuff we use to find dream clients. And we’re not just talking about the “ old typical” ways of marketing that everybody else and their dog uses—like vouchers, networking, and model calls. That old stuff simply doesn't work anymore. 

We’re talking about finding “dream clients” the ones who value you and the ones you want to deal with on a regular basis. 
3 Steps
More Clients, More Money and More Meaning.
Attract The 'RIGHT'
 Type Of Client 
You’ll get CLARITY on who you want to attract with your marketing. 

If you’re like the typical struggling photographer, you’ll want to do business with any warm body that comes to your way. 

This course will allow you to almost become magnetic to who you want as your dream client, so you can shoot according to your monetary and lifestyle needs.
An Experience That Makes Clients Value YOU More
You’ll discover the LANGUAGE you can use to attract these dream clients you can insert into your marketing and your shoot experience. 

I share many examples of how I carefully engineered my shoots to “show the true value of my photos” and expand the clients desire and value for my work
You’re a photographer not a sales person
Feel confident with your prices, Don’t come off as a pushy salesperson, a simple, icky- free sales process.

Nothing can help you sell more Photos, Sell more efficiently, and sell quicker than a well-crafted Pricelist.
To Magically “Sell” without ever having to be salesy, A way that makes you feel great, your clients adore and send flowers to say thankyou.
A Better Photography Business Is Only A Click Away
You've spent years perfecting the quality of your photography, now you are ready to find the clients who will value your time and effort and happily pay your prices, so you can finally be Booked Out, Valued & Paid.
Studies Show That Photographers Are Only Earning 1/3 of What They Could Be Charging.


So many hard-working souls have resigned themselves to accepting slim pickings, because when humans are unsure of themselves they accept the unacceptable. But imagine if you only got 1/3 of the house you just bought? A quarter of the food you ordered? Or, hey, one-fourth of the money you earned? 

That's like doing the same amount of work, but choosing to be paid twenty-five dollars instead of a hundred.

Uh-uh. I don't think so girlfriend... Not today.

Program Highlights
Here are the 7 modules we’ll work on together in YOUR ONLINE CLASSROOM all backed by 3 months group mentoring with Annie & her team of experts.  

WEEK 1 • Discover Who Your 'Perfect Clients' Are... and what they want from you.

Learn how to find your 'Perfect Clients' on Facebook and get your ad in front of the right people for the right price.

WEEK 2 • Turn Your Everyday Posting Into a Powerful Marketing Message...

Discover the No-Fail Formula I apply to Facebook posting to ensure your long term success and avoid the traps, mistakes and roadblocks most photographers make.

WEEK 3 • Infuse More Value Into The Shoot Experience... Create your client experience.

Increase the desire within your clients to buy your photos throughout the shoot experience. Implementing Annie's heart centred formula will ensure people value your photos

WEEK 4 • How To Create Expert Content

One of the barriers that most photographers run into is the fact that they feel lost when it comes to writing posts with their images. This session will change that.

WEEK 5 • A Simple Price List Formula & Ick Free Sales 

A proven formula that has sold millions of dollars of photos. Ensure your pricelist works with human behaviour makes your sales feel good and clients love you

WEEK 6 • Ad Writing Secrets 

Take my 6-Step Formula I follow each time I write a Facebook™ Ad to “stop the scroll” and have them read what you have to say

WEEK 7 • Facebook™ Fundamentals

Dominate Facebook with organic and paid stratergies that make you look like a rockstar!

BONUS: Uncover Your Clients Necessary Buying Beliefs 

Tap into the wants, needs and desires that clients never talk about, Consumer behaviour insights will change the way you feel about your business.

BONUS: How To Turn Those Queries Into Clients...

the ability to convert the "How Much?" question makes the difference of staying in business or giving up, walking away from your hopes & dreams.
Do you ever feel…?
• Like… you’ve got so much competition in your area it feels impossible to raise your prices? 

• Like… you have spent years perfecting your photography and now your ready to grow your business? 

• Like… you’re working your ass off and frustrated by price shoppers which leave you feeling under valued? 

• Like… Facebook just doesn’t work for you?
Would you like to…?
Become sought after, booked out months in advance with the type of clients who will value you? 

Use Facebook the right way and organically attract higher value clients

• Have confidence in your work and sales process that you never ever have to feel icky or awkward charging great money for your own work?

Live the life you dream of, feeling proud at the life you've designed? 
Because that's what Booked Out, Valued & Paid Feel's Like 
I'm going to give you 3 months access to ME! 
That because I believe you don't actually need more information, you need ACCESS and ANSWERS to your individual questions

3 Months group mentoring...

Have all of your questions answered with 2 lives each week in the Annieography Community to connect with other like-minded female photographers (VALUE $6,000.00)
After a lifetime in the Photography industry, Annie is considered the #1 authority on marketing and sales in the photographic industry.

Annie Murray is the marketing expert other experts go to when they need help with their own marketing and sales!

With clients in over 8 different countries, operating in many different genres and niche markets, it's been said that Annie has helped her members produce more bookings and consistant high end sales than any other expert online today.

Her list of mentoring students, consulting clients, and subscribers reads like a Who's Who of A-List Photographers and also quiet achievers.

Annie & her team have also created the marketing stratergies behind a few of the biggest  companies online today, both in & outside the photography industry.

Entrepreneurs, Photographers & Clients fly-in to Melbourne, Australia and down to Torquay from all over Australia, NZ and around the globe -- for her 3 day Retreat or online mentoring to learn her renowned heartfelt Methods.
Make No Mistake: We're Surrounded By Money,
And I'm Going to Teach You How to Get Some Of It In Exchange For Beautiful Photos!
There's the prehistoric way, of course: knocking on doors, vouchers and praying to GOD someone books you. (A bit unpredictable)  

Then there's that old hat method of joining every Facebook group on the planet, and doing a bunch of stuff that doesn't workleaving you feeling you've done this before. #NEVERENDINGPORTFOLiOBUiLD? (Don't do that. There's a much better and financially rewarding way to get more clients and get cash. thank you very much.)

And then there are the days when you wonder if you should walk around taping posters on actual telephone poles. Or maybe go to one of those *shudder* Women's Networking Meetings. Or perhaps hire an unusual man with BO to work on your "SEO." 
(Unfortunately not untrue)

You could do all of that. Or... You can become Booked Out, Valued & Paid instead.
7 Life Changing Business Modules 

3 Months Private Group Mentoring with Annie & team

Step by step video lessons and cheatsheets

Downloadable worksheets

Exclusive access to additional videos and resources

Awesome community of VALUED Photographers doing exactually what you are, so no bad advice, no egos, letting our passion for photography lead us to the life we dream of.

Get your questions answered during any of the 2 LIVE classes each week.
This is how you grow your Photography business!
Choose The Payment Option That’s Right For You
We offer 2 easy ways to join! Choose the payment plan that best suits you!

First Payment is immediate, then automatically drafted on the same day each month.

Click the pink button below to buy and start the course in minutes!

  • $125 Per week For 32 Payments 
  • (Total $4000)
  • $499 Per Month For 7 Payments 
  • (Total $3493)
One Time
  • 1 time Payment SAVE $496
  • (Total $2997)
You Can Trust Us!
Take Action Today And Receive 
This Special Offer!
Special Limited Time -Online Only Bonus- (Worth $997)

“The 6-Step Trust Machine Posting Plan I Use To Draw Clients Towards You Like A Moth To A Flame”
 NEVER Been Sold Like This Before But I’m Making It Available Just For Now

As well as access to these Bonuses.
These powerful resources help you grow your business! 
These videos and PDFs are considered as valuable as the course itself to our members. 

Bonus Intro Welcome Call with Annie
Explode Your Sales with Families! 
(Value $1997)
Your Business With Chris
(Value $499)
My Own Photoshop ACTIONS
(Value $49)
Story Telling  and Retargeting 
(Value $999)
Get The  Success MINDSET
(Value $799)
Since this training deals with finding your “dream clients” that could be worth 5X-10X your typical customer, we thought that charging at least $4997 for this Program.

Think about it: $4997 is just 2 $2500 dream clients! — a minuscule investment in a course that could allow you to double or triple your income during the next year.

Plus, if you’re not crystal clear on how to answer people message you asking "How Much?"  you'll have no idea who's a dream client or a price shopper who will waste your time and bring you down. 

So consider $4997 to be insurance against squandering thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns, many hours of shooting for free,  targeting the WRONG type of client for your business.
So, in reality, Booked Out Valued & Paid doesn’t “cost” anything. 

It’s an investment towards your future earning power and an elixir against most client headaches. Plus you’re buying SPEED because it would otherwise take you years and thousands of dollars testing, tweaking, etc. before you accidentally stumble upon these important concepts through painful trial and error.

Maybe you’ll discover an overlooked “need” of your dream client in your next marketing campaign.

Perhaps you’ll recognize a certain group of customers in your files that are “dream clients”…people who buy from you again and again…and you can easily “reverse-engineer” what made them buy, why they came, etc. so you can target more of them.

These potential breakthroughs would definitely be worth a mere $4997…since you can easily get that money back by landing JUST ONE or TOW “dream clients” you wouldn’t have otherwise attracted with your current marketing system…or lack of.

But you won’t have to pay $4997. You won’t even have to pay $3997.

When you take action and add Booked Out, Valued & Paid to your shopping cart, you'll  ONLY pay $2997, that's less than the value of 1 dream client! 
What happens after you join? 
You'll Get Immediate Access To Your Online Classroom
Get started right away 
Booked Out, Valued and Paid works regardless of the genre of photography you shoot.

It works regardless of the way you sell, either digitals or printed photos

Builds goodwill with your audience while generating sales

• Doesn’t require you to be a great marketer or a slick sales person.

PLUS... YOUR ONLINE CLASSROOM is available on any device. 
Here's one photographer's journey over 12 months in Annieography.
From $30k and NO bookings to $90k and booked out a year in advance! 
And don’t forget, you’re protected by this Double Ironclad Guarantee…so there’s no way you can make a mistake
We guarantee that the training will work IF YOU DO.

We guarantee that you will LOVE it and learn a hell of a lot of new things about yourself, your clients & your business in the process.

If you don’t make ten times your investment in extra profit over the next 12 months and you can show me that you have followed my instructions, then you’ll get your money back!

After years & years of barely make ends meet following the big names, she knew her photography was great, yet still, no-one valued it; therefore she couldn't get the clients she needed to get the larger sales.
She was so terrified to spend the money on this program, in case it didn't work for her like everything else she had tried. 

RESULTS -$10,500 in the 3rd month!

 Living life now; Booked Out, Valued & Paid.
This is possible for YOU, REGARDLESS of your business experience. You will need to have some photographic skills to get the most benefit out of the program. 

With our earn, while you grow method, you hit the ground ready to be valued and paid. 
Booked Out, Valued & Paid doesn't give you just a few parts - it gives you everything you'll need. 

Take a look at the 7 CORE modules below that you'll follow to build the business you've always wanted.
If this looks like a lot of information, that because it is; and anyone promising you you easy simple overnight success is downright lying. 

Don't worry though - we make it easy for you to make small regular step-by-step progress, until you find you are Booked Out, Valued & Paid! 

You will be surprised how quickly you will adjust when you see the proof in the pudding!
When completing the program, you can expect to see results such as more clients, increased sales, increased confidence and self-belief, more testimonials and referrals, less stress and worry clearer focus. 

A price list that easily guides your clients into buying, happier clients (and confidence in your ability to reach them) and a strategy to continue growing.

Overall results you can expect when you join:
• Increased sales, revenue & profits.
• A thorough understanding of business growth, sales & marketing.
• The ability to generate new clients on demand.
• Feeling happier about life & your future.
• The ability to work from anywhere.
During or towards the end of the 6 months, most members have lots of bookings and are bringing in double or triple their average sale. 
What Everyone Is Saying....
These are usually the reasons why… and it’s normal.

If you’re feeling resistance to signing up...

Maybe you’re secretly a little bit terrified of change? Yes, it’s easier to complain about things not going well than brag about how amazing they are, but is that really how you want to live the rest of your life?

Maybe you’re worried about spending money because you've done other online programs and didn't implement what you learnt? 
I promise, the course is fun & everything is very easy to implement. I practice what I preach.

Are you feeling sceptical or unsure about the results? Maybe you’re scared of success or growing too quickly? Maybe you’re afraid it won’t work for you? Maybe you’re focussing on the money you’re afraid of spending rather than the money you could be making?

Or are you focused more on trying to "save" money rather than investing it in something that is going to help you make 10X as much??
There’s simply no other photography business MARKETING & SALES course that is as power-packed, entertaining, and results-focused on the planet today!

How would your life change if YOU were able to generate consistent bookings and sales from your photography in the next 7 weeks or less?

What would that make possible for you, for your family and your life?
Imagine how you would spend that extra income, and the type of lifestyle you'll be able to provide your family if you could rinse and repeat that kind of results over and over again. 

Whatever your picture of success looks like for you, imagine it in as much detail as possible. Imagine having the financial means to create the lifestyle you want to live as well as the freedom to enjoy it

Not some time in the distant future, but starting right now... Today.

I can't wait to support you getting "Booked Out, Valued & Paid!"
From hello through to goodbye... have clients raving about you. 

...It's one thing to learn how to get lots of new customers coming into your business... but the next step is how to turn that into sales in a way that will keep them coming back (and insisting their friends and family come too). 
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