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Member Spotlight 
We'd like to shine a light on the work that is being produced, and give each member a chance to showcase themselves, so that other members can focus on it for a moment and be inspired and challenged to go further with their own concepts.
Jan 2019 
Hazel Blake 
Hazel Blake Portrait
First up for January is the wonderful Hazel Blake.

I stared the studio Jan 2017, I did 5 months of folio building, then I went to an Annieography in-person course in July 2017. I had my first paying clients in September 2017. So I have only been a professional photographer for 16 months.

I pride myself on leading the way in body positive studio experiences. After coming to terms with my own body issues using self-portraits to change my view of myself, I became passionate about inspiring and empowering women around me. The fact that women who are a size 10 and size 24 both hate their bodies is distressing and so began my mission to create empowering, soul strengthening photo sessions (and body image circles) to help women acknowledge and own their bodies and most importantly, their confidence. 

In line with my body positive business I currently have the Venus Project, where I am on a mission to photograph 100 naked torsos for an in-person and online exhibition later in the year. I think it is super important for women to see images of real bodies in order to understand and accept their own bodies. In recent months I have also trained in running women’s circles, offering a safe space for women to share their experiences, joys and pains, without judgment or advice. Both these projects sit very complimentary to my portrait business.

Last July I achieved 10 Bronze awards in the USA Portrait Masters Accreditation System plus I also won the ACCI southwest Home Business of the Year, the first crediting my photographic competence the second crediting my business skills.

When I found Annie, I was at just at the beginning of thinking I could do this for a living, but I had been using American model of sales (vouchers and networking only) and that wasn’t getting me anywhere. 

I had done a few folio builds and sold some in that process but I certainly was not using my Facebook page effectively. I was confident with my work but not with my value, pricing or selling.

In the 18 months since the Annieography course I have significantly increased my skills in writing marketing copy and creating desire. I relax into the ebb and flow of business and income because I have more understanding of the buyer/client mind. 

I use Facebook as my main marketing tool and even quite enjoy it!! 

I don’t panic when ads or sales don’t go to plan, I have learned to experiment, remembering to observe actions and outcomes, and replicate the good ones. I definitely trust my judgment more, believe that I am smart and can do it. 

I learned from the course how to run a business and acquired the resilience required keep at it and enjoy the process.

In the beginning I was saying “eerr umm please can I have $200 for that” now I say “that will be $2400 thank you, how would you like to pay for that”!!! I value my self and my product so much more than I ever would have thought I could.

What I’ve learned is to stick to what I love, I do not deviate, no weddings no babies, no lifestyle etc… you get the picture, I do what I love and that work is my best work. I also do heaps of personal growth work and courses and have had a couple of business mentors now aside from Annie. Never stop learning!!!

My two pieces of sage advice would be learn not to take buyer behaviour too personally and the only way to have a sustainable business is to sustain the energy it takes to have a sustainable business.

Moving into this year, I want to bring more body love growth work into my photo sessions. Using circle rituals of guided meditation, mindful meditation and EFT (tapping) to really bring my clients into their body and move them through some of their distress and discomfort around their body before being photographed so that we get even better portraits of them.

Moving forward into next year, I am exploring the idea opening up a to national and international market. Its not confirmed yet though, so mums the word  Follow me and see what happens.

Facebook : hazelblakeportrait
Web : www.hazelblake.com.au
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Member Spotlight 
Feb 2019 
Rachel Deckert
Bella Madre Photography
Rachel Stickland Deckert!🤩😍🥰

Born & bred in Victoria,

 I’ve lived in Macedon, Melbourne, Ballarat and now Horsham for the past 20+ years. 

I began work at a legal office in Ballarat before making the big move to work at Channel 10 in Melbourne, followed by an Advertising Agency – city life rocks!! 

I was swept off my feet by a country fellow and moved to Horsham where I was a sales rep for the local radio station before having my babies (and working admin in my husband’s business). 

I became a single mum about seven years ago, and in hindsight, I wouldn’t be doing what I am today if I was still married – forever grateful for how life has turned out 😊

I have the most beautiful and amazing three children 
– Nikita (16), Jesse (14) and Jonty (10) ❤ they are my world ❤

I started my own marketing business nearly 10 years ago, and then a social media management business just over 3 years ago … both of which I love, but never saw my value, so sold my soul to get business … and that’s when I found Annie’s “Finding Your Beautiful” course ❤

1. Where were you at (In your head, heart and business) before the course?

Head & business – okay, always positive, but the knowledge that all my hard work wasn’t paying the bills was a struggle. I didn’t understand my value … really enjoyed what I did, how I helped my clients, but did a lot of work for very little return.

Heart – after my shoot with Annie, I was feeling way better than in the past, but still felt like I was missing something …

I wasn’t even a photographer before the course, which is kinda crazy … had no inkling, no idea what possessed me to apply … all I knew was that I wanted to make women feel the same way Annie made me feel … it was such an incredible feeling she gave me, I wanted to pass that on ❤

2. Where are you after the course?

My first shoot EVER was 2 weeks after the course (with no idea what I was doing haha!!) … 
and I’ve been booked for weeks/months in advance ever since. 
And following exactly what Annie said I did just shy of $100,000.00 my very first year. 

Just over 2.5 years later, and it’s all I want to do … 
I’m planning to shut down the marketing business so I can focus more on the photography … 
seeing the difference in the lives of women all around me, seeing their smiles, it’s inspiring!! 

Up till this year I had a regular two shoots a week (Feb-Nov), plus a lot of weekends … 2019 is upped to three shoots a week plus weekends, plus other kinds of shoots (boudoir, family, generations, Kids in Boxes). and on budget to smash straight past $150,000.00 this year 

3. What was your 'A-HA' moment?

I think talking to Annie when applying for the course … I’ve done some crazy things before, but this kinda topped it all … becoming a photographer completely out of the blue was insane, but the reason for doing it made TOTAL sense … it made my heart sing to know that I could maybe give this gift to others.

My first shoot – with a $700 camera, on auto-settings, in a friend’s house … it was followed by hours of crying and a call from Annie … but people loved the photos!! Go figure lol!! From there I got more bookings, then more bookings, it just flowed …

4. What's in the future for your business?

Who knows … 5 years ago I would never have dreamt that I’d be doing this, so I’m excited for the future … but I’d like to be working full time as a photographer – 80% with women/mums, 20% with families … my dream is to live on the beach somewhere one day, and I’m confident I can take this business with me wherever I go … take photos by day, beach bum by night … living the dream 

😊 – oh, and a talk, dark & handsome partner to cuddle haha!!
"How To Book More Photoshoots, Attract New Clients & Make More Money!"
even if you are in an area flooded with cheap photographers
Booked Out, Valued & Paid
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