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is the result of the last decade of Annie Murray’s personal work with thousands of photographers/entrepreneurs that have implemented her philosophy on becomming sought after, valued, and well paid.

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  • • Ready to take your business to the next level with the right marketing strategy?
  • • Ready to discover the power of the ability to become highly sought-after? This allows you to fast-track your financial freedom!
  • • Ready to harness the power of your passion for photography with confidence and clarity?
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Booked Out, Valued & Paid?





  • Discover The Power Of Facebook/Instagram Targeting 
  • Uncover Your Dynamic Marketing Message 
  • ​Find Out If You Have What It Takes to be Sought-After
  • ​Target the Best Way to Grow Your Business 
  • ​Master Pricing & Sales Strategies
  • ​Learn How to Achieve Being Sought After, Valued & Well Paid.
  • ​Become Socially Confident – maybe for the first time ever
About Annie...
Annie Murray is an Australian business and marketing magnate and global educator best known for being the founder of – the world's #1 education platform which connects photographers to high-value clients.

Beyond, Annie led the global movement 'Finding Your Beautiful' to redefine the way older curvy women saw themselves. Annie has taught photographers from 5+ countries to develop meaningful skills, unlock real photography business confidence and master their financial destinies.

Beyond her success in her Portrait Photography Business, Annie was also the winner of the prestigious PICCA award in 2002 for 'Best RETAIL Photographic Store In Australia'. 

An internationally sought-after photographer and one of Australia's most successful and highly paid Photographers. A member of the Australian Institute Of Professional Photographers (AIPP). 

Today, unable to shoot anymore due to health limitations, Annie continues to educate and inspire photographers all over the world and be featured in many media publications every year and is widely seen as one of the top Marketing and Funnels experts business leaders around the world. 

With a boutique marketing agency, Annie also runs marketing campaigns and Facebook Ads for business owners and course creators outside of the Photographic Industry.
About the Book
What is the book about?  
I created a modern-day client attraction and portrait sales system called Booked Out, Valued & Paid. This book takes you through the mindset of social media posting, being VALUED and well paid. 

It defines how client attraction skills are the solution to your debt problem. 

It explains how to scale your income without complicating your life or adding more work to your already overwhelmingly busy day. And it challenges modern-day sales advice by giving you a way to let clients know why they need YOU in a very thoughtful, heartfelt, non icky way. Giving you an alternative to discounting and giving away free shoots without a solid strategy. 

It’s a guide to getting clients, the right type of clients, and duplicating it over and over in a way that feels great and genuine to you.
The Biggest Lie Most Photographers Believe... 
Intentionally or unintentionally we’ve been tricked into believing a lie. We are told you have to have a huge social following and be somewhat famous to earn lots of money taking photos. That leaves most photographers believing they must not be good enough yet or they need new equipment to get ahead in business. So they avoid putting themselves 'out there' from fear of judgement or being ignored. 

Your social engagement is the greatest examples of how 'playing it safe' doesn’t work, which may leave you thinking Facebook doesn't work for me. 

Social media is not the problem. If you’re being ignored, you have a marketing message problem. And THAT problem stems from your lack of marketing and connection skills. 

With the right marketing message and connection skills you can attract the right type of clients, the ones who will value you and buy all of their images, and you won't believe how easy it can be or how good it feels to both you and your clients.
No matter what you want in life-success, wealth, or significance Booked Out, Valued & Paid will give you the strategies to achieve it faster and easier than you ever imagined. 
You now hold the master key to create and enjoy the wealth you deserve.
  • The new rules of modern day marketing and sales. 
  • How to reinvent yourself in a way that feels good and you will be proud of.
  • The unconventional method to photo sales and lifelong financial success.
  • How to love every day of your life.
  • The foundation of innovative marketing and inspiring others so you are valued & well paid.
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