What if you were able to stop losing money by filling your calender with dream clients?
How to Effectively Market Yourself
& Your Business And Make More Money
We Photographers are a bit different. 
We invest EVERYTHING into our work.

Time, Emotions, Mental Stamina, Energy and our Whole Heart & Soul.
We push through fear and we risk judgement everytime we show an image. Ohhh and yeahhhh ...And then there's the money thing, we put a lot of money in and we have this weird fear of getting paid... I don't mean a few hundred bucks kind paid, I mean really well paid, like thousands of dollars kinda paid. 
When you stop thinking of yourself as a “just another photographer” and start viewing yourself as an “investor” everything changes. 

• We invest to make an impact on the world. 
• We invest so much so clients will have their own beautiful photos forever.
• We invest to create wealth. 
• We invest to generate a safe & stable environment for our families.
• We invest to build our confidence and move through our fears... 

It’s more than just money but... getting rich should definitely be part of the equation

...after all if you’re going to be investing a portion of your life into something you should want to get rewarded for your years of hard work and time away from family & friends.

But getting rich isn’t all of it. It’s only a piece.

AS an investor, you are likely ruthless about the due diligence process and you should be.

You should NEVER invest money (or time) into something which you aren’t reasonably certain will produce a good return for you. 

As a marketing advisor, I can tell you with confidence, that spending time studying marketing, is one of the most profitable uses of your time because it’s likely to produce very high returns.

You can have freedom.
You can actually enjoy what you do;
Who you do it for;
And become rich in the process.
...Without sacrificing the things that are the most important.

I will show you how.
We are picky and only 1 out of 6 applicants are invited to join.
There's a good chance you won't get into The Booked Out, Valued & Paid Mentoring Program. [the BOVP Method™] 

It's not because we're mean, it's because we are incredibly protective of our clients and the experience they have inside the program.    

Slow movers hurt the community. We want people who dive into the content and actively ask for our help anytime they need it.   

Our clients have committed a substantial investment to growing their business and we don't have time to waste on people who aren't serious about getting results. 

There are lots of programs available for wasting time and not taking any action.

Annieography is about feeling good, it's about getting results, it's about growing your confidence, it's about the LOVE of Photography and the memories we make for our clients and yup, making money... in a very integrity filled way!

In fact, you'll probably be uncomfortable at times. Not because it's hard, but because it's NOT hard.

The method will sound so simple, you'll try to overcomplicate it.

Then I'll come in and remind you that marketing and selling photos DOES NOT have to be complicated.

Our clients join us because they want more time and more money and they are ready to invest in themselves to get there. 

Stop worrying about the "how" and let me show you the way...
We are 100% committed to helping our clients get results. 
his program is not for slow movers who like being stuck. Only click here if you're ready to get moving.
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