Hi I'm Annie Murray
Professional Photographer and Photography Business Mentor, 
Founder of  Annieography.
I  believe traditional ways to advertise simply don't work on social media. Times have changed. 
Our clients have more choice than ever before. Instead, I show you how to connect with your perfect clients, stand out and be Valued
I prohibit anyone who's not 100% committed and serious about honouring our client's needs before our own from joining my premium training, a decision that costs me hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.
I give away 25% of my material free. I aim to make that free material better than anyone else’s paid stuff. I've helped hundreds of people without charge in my free group the "Portrait Takers Club"
If you’re curious, here’s a little bit about me and how this came to be...
Hey, I'm Annie Murray and my 1st studio business sucked!
I bought into the dream, hook line and sinker.
I trained with the best. They taught me how to shape people and take beautiful photos, and told me to work hard and the business and sales will come.

Except - It didn't work that way for me.
I literally spent thousounds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars on wondering when it was going to happen to me...   Always thought if I just had that new lens, I would then be good enough to start to make great money with my work. 

And yes... I did sell a lot of Photos, but never at the prices I needed to... 
I couldnt take holidays, my son had to stay at the public school, and I was always stressed about where the next client and sales was coming from. 
Running a busy studio in Horsham for many years almost killed me, 

I wore my body out, wore my marriage out, I was working so hard just trying to stay afloat. 

I ended up needing surgery so moved towns to be closer to my family, and anything that could have gone wrong did. I spent the next 2 years in hospital and my bed, unable to move. I knew I had to find an easier way, I couldn't do this again. 

I was terrified by the thought of starting over after moving to a new city, I had only 74 followers on my business page I had never used Facebook before; and with 1 post, I had over 350 people wanting a shoot with me. 

I had unknowingly discovered my authentic voice that connected me to my perfect clients, the clients who would value me. I sold over $200,000 photos that first year back, whilst still managing my disability and pain, doing only 1 - 2 shoots a week from the front room of my home. 
I had to work it out, so I've spent the last 4 years studing the integrity-filled marketing methods I had unknowing used, and have successfully duplicated it across all genres of portrait photography [ newborn, family, glamour, children, wedding, headshots, baby and more ] with outstanding PROVEN results! And over the past 2 years I've managed to condense it all down into a simple step-by-step online course. 
I created this online course because I have personally done something that so many others want to do, and I want to share, teach and help other serious and passionate photographers to achieve the same results. I’m not saying this to boast or toot my own horn, I know you might want to do this as well, you just don’t know how!
I knew I had to find an easier way... No fu#king way could I live through that again!
I became obsessed, why could I generate hundreds of high paying clients when good photographers all over the world couldn't give away a shoot or get paid the kind of money I was easily making and clients were sending flowers to say THANKYOU as well!
Many photographers are convinced they can’t afford to increase their prices, but that's because they haven't mastered the power of Facebook to;
⭐️ Instil DESIRE in their marketing and connect with their perfect clients.
⭐️ Establish TRUST or they will not buy from you.
⭐️ Use integrity-filled strategies to create VALUE so they get paid more.
⭐️ Gain credibility with the RIGHT type of testimional! 

In a nutshell -If you want to book more clients, sell with ease and get your life back while living your dream, then do the training with Annie! YES It is that Simple!
We’ve heard from ANNIEOGRAPHY students who started seeing higher reach, more engagement, more bookings, and much better sales right after taking the course.

How it works for you depends on how much effort and focus you put in. 
But here are just a handful of results from our students...

"I'd only had my camera 6 months when I found Annie. I had no confidence in my ability and I had never run a business before. 
Annie showed me everything and within months I was booked solid months in advance and selling packages to most clients." 


"I've been taking professional photos for 20 years. I have done a million different courses online and in person and nothing really clicked with me and felt good, until I met Annie! 
Now I run my business from the heart with integrity and passion, delivering a superior experience to my clients at triple my old prices. Annie is A M A Z I N G !"

OK gorgeous people - I was asked in a large Facebook group about whether I thought Annie Murray's stuff was worth it. 
Here is my answer. 
I wouldn't still have a camera in my hand if not for her. 
I wouldn't have a CLUE about making this work if not for her. 
I wouldn't know SHIT about the business side if not for her. 
I wouldn't have set my studio up really REALLY well if not for her. 
I wouldn't be photographing women in the way I have wanted for years if not for her. 
I wouldn't be understanding face book algorithms and business mode online if not for her. 
Add any "if not for her " here and you will be right. 

Is she worth it? Fuck yeah.
more Clients...
more Money...
more Love...
more Clients...
more Money...
more Love...
And hundreds more kind words...
Meet The Team
annie murray
A true entrepreneur, Annie opened her first business, an ice cream shop, at the age of 17.
Moving onto several other business adventures, Annie was always drawn back to the love of portrait photography and the stories behind the faces...
chris murray
In August 2017 Chris was Crowned one of the top 30 graphic designers in the world.  

Chris is also a branding, website, Funnels & marketing expert and resident tech adviser. If something's not working, Chris is the expert to tell you to turn it off and then on again! 
Annie Smith
Annie joined the team mid 2015 and holds the purse strings! Annie#2 is an integral part of the business and is known for her ability to make me appear organised, amongst many other talents we have to mention her quick wit, bliss balls and the inventor of the thermogasm!! 

Our business is a success because of the level of our team.  (insert Tina Turner singing simply the best here!)
The incredible Anastasia has been as much of my business success as I have. With a language barrier Anastasia taught be how to communicate by asking questions not talking. 

Anastasia travels with me and has become family. She has her own business and massive following and one of the hardest working makeup artists in the world. 

Anastasia understands the power of social media and has been able to get her work go viral on more than 1 occasion.
maggie wilde
the potentialist!
Our visiting head fixer! Maggie Wilde is an adopted team member. She came as a client and we never let her go! 

Maggie is the leading expert in brain training techniques, best-selling author and international tv guest with an incredible business of her own. 

Maggie shares with all our students her amazing techniques to move past procrastination, self-doubt, fear and more. 
ellen eustice
Our newest member of the team, Ellen brings the young fresh savviness to the team. 

Ellen completed photographic studies in 2015 and has a passion for wet plate photography and holds onto the old nostalgic ways in her very own darkroom. 

Ellen is a design & photoshop guru and social media manager.. there's nothing this woman can't-do! 
darren bond
In every great team there's the quiet achiever, Darren is Annie's partner (soon to be husband) and keeps everything running smoothly in the background.  

Darren's expert cooking skills have been well utilised at workshops and is adored by everyone. 
 and miss molly